Unlock the Benefits of Corporate Gift Cards for Your Business

Gift Cards For Business

Gift Cards for Business have become an increasingly popular idea in recent years, offering customers the opportunity to give meaningful gifts to their employees, friends and family. Not only do gift cards for business help promote the brand and encourage loyalty, but they are also a great way to show gratitude to customers for their loyalty or patronage. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits and pros and cons of gift cards for business, as well as two case studies and best practices to help you make the most of them.

Plastic gift cards for business are one of the most popular versions of gifting. When it comes to plastic cards, many companies opt for brandable designs printed on plastic cards with useful details such as the company's website, phone number and address. Some companies even choose to add personalized presents on the back, such as individual messages of appreciation or rewards points. Not only do plastic cards look professional and promote a company's brand, but they are also durable and affordable.

  • Brandable designs
  • Company's website, phone number, and address
  • Personalized presents/ messages of appreciation
  • Rewards points
  • Durable and affordable

  • A great way to show gratitude to customers
  • Improves their brand visibility
  • Customers feel appreciated and valued
  • Promotes loyalty and retention
  • Highly customizable to meet the needs of any business


  • A great way to generate a sense of appreciation
  • An easy and cost-effective way to reward customers
  • Easy to distribute through mail and electronically
  • Highly customizable


  • Risk of theft or fraud
  • High purchase costs
  • Cumbersome redeeming process
  • Don't have the same emotional weight as physical gifts

Tripping: Promoting customer loyalty through modular gift cards

Tripping, a travel service company, used modular gift cards to promote customer loyalty. Tripping introduced gift cards that allow customers to purchase travel services in bundles, such as flights and hotel packages, as a way to reward their loyal customers and encourage them to travel with Tripping.

InterContinental Hotels Resorts: Customizable gift cards for business

InterContinental Hotels Resorts introduced gift cards for business that are highly customizable. Customers can choose how many packs of gift cards and their denominations and have them delivered to their office in packs to hand out at corporate events, allow employees to use as a way of employee recognition or for incentive travel.

Do gift cards expire?

It depends on the terms and conditions of the vendor issuing the gift card. Some cards may have an expiration date while others may be good indefinitely. It is important to check with the vendor first before using the card.

How can I make sure the gift cards I give are being used?

If you are issuing gift cards, you can always ask the recipient to provide a receipt once the card has been used. Additionally, if you offer loyalty programs or customer service programs, you can also check to see whether the card has been used.

Are there fees associated with gift cards?

Depending on the vendor issuing the gift card, there may be fees associated with the card. It is important to check with the issuer before buying the card to find out what fees may be charged.

Mistakes People Make

  • Not researching the vendor issuing the gift card
  • Not checking the expiration date
  • Not understanding the fees associated with the card
  • Not informing the recipient of the redemption instructions

Best Practices

  • Research the vendor who is issuing the card and read all of their terms and conditions
  • Ensure the card has no expiration date
  • Inform the recipient of the redemption instructions
  • Check the fees associated with the card
  • Make sure the card is secure
  • Make sure the card is personalized for the recipient

In summary, gift cards for business have become a popular way for companies to reward customers and show appreciation. Plastic cards are the most popular version and come with many features, such as brandable designs,company information, and rewards points. They also come with many benefits, including improved brand visibility, customer appreciation, and loyalty and retention. There are pros and cons to using plastic cards and mistakes that people can make. However, there are also best practices to follow and two case studies of companies who have used gift cards for business to great success.