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The Benefits of Plastic Card Printers

Plastic cards are widely used for Identification, security access control, loyalty programs, gift cards, and more. Plastic card printing technology has advanced to make it easier than ever to print a wide variety of cards quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the benefits of using a plastic card printer.

Plastic cards offer several advantages over traditional paper cards such as durability and flexibility. Plastic cards are highly customizable and can be printed with a variety of features such as magnetic strips, barcodes, and text. Plastic cards also last a very long time, making them an ideal choice for loyalty programs, gift cards, and other long-term uses.

Plastic card printers are available in several different sizes and configurations. Most plastic card printers are capable of printing high-quality cards in either full-colour or black and white. Some printers can even print in multiple colours, allowing for extremely versatile and creative designs. Plastic card printers typically include features such as barcode readers, magnetic strips, and photoID print capabilities.

Using a plastic card printer offers several benefits. Plastic cards are durable and can withstand long-term use. They are also highly customizable, allowing for a variety of designs to be printed quickly and easily. Plastic cards last longer than paper cards and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as loyalty programs, gift cards, and identification.

Pros of using plastic cards include their durability, flexible design options, and the ability to print in multiple colours. Plastic cards are also waterproof, making them ideal for use in outdoor settings. Additionally, plastic cards are resistant to damage caused by oils and other environmental elements.

The main con of using plastic cards is their cost. Plastic cards are more expensive than their paper counterparts and they are not recyclable. Additionally, plastic cards can be difficult to dispose of due to their size and weight.

Case study 1: A hotel rewards program upgraded from paper cards to plastic cards, allowing members to receive and use their rewards cards without worrying about wear and tear. The plastic cards were also more durable and could withstand the elements, as well as being easier to scan and use at the hotel's various venues.

Case study 2: A travel loyalty program switched from paper cards to plastic cards. The plastic cards allowed members to have access to discounts and rewards when travelling - and eliminated the hassle of having to replace their paper cards each time they travelled.

Case study 3: A restaurant chain switched from paper cards to plastic cards, allowing customers to use their loyalty cards without worrying about wear and tear. The plastic cards were also more durable and could withstand the elements, as well as being easier to scan at the restaurant.

The cost of a plastic card printer will vary depending on the type and features of the printer. Generally speaking, basic plastic card printers start around $300, while more advanced models can cost upwards of $1000.

Unfortunately, plastic cards are not recyclable. However, many companies are researching and developing biodegradable plastic cards to help reduce the environmental impact of plastic cards.

Some mistakes to avoid when using plastic card printers include using outdated or incompatible software, failing to keep the card printer clean and maintained, and not properly calibrating the printer when necessary.

When using a plastic card printer, there are several best practices to follow. Make sure to keep the printer clean and maintained, and regularly check for any software updates. Also, it's important to use the proper type of plastic card stock when printing, as some types may not work with certain printers. Additionally, it's important to properly calibrate the printer and ensure that the cards are accurately printed.

Plastic card printers offer a wide range of benefits and offer great flexibility when it comes to printing cards for a variety of applications. With the right printer and the proper maintenance, plastic card printers can be an invaluable tool for any business.